[Brazil] National Conference of the CSP-Conlutas approves a call for a General Strike

Written by CSP-Conlutas
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 03:39
The call for unity of action and the fight against fiscal adjustment and withdrawal of workers’ rights set the tone of the meeting.
“We need a general strike to defeat the Bill for outsourcing, Dilma’s Provisional Acts and the fiscal adjustment by which the bourgeoisie want to make the working class pay for the economic crisis.” On Friday afternoon, June 5 the plenary started voting resolutions that will define the course of CSP-Conlutas in the next period.
The proposed resolutions were presented by the entities that make up the CSP-Conlutas after discussing them in 22 groups in which delegates were distributed. The motion that calls trade unions and social movements for the construction of a general strike was approved by a large majority. It was presented by the Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos and Oil Workers Union of Alagoas and Sergipe.
In addition to the General Strike to fight back the fiscal adjustment measures and the withdrawal of workers’ rights, the delegates approved a program to address the economic crisis. Among the measures are the suspension of payment of the public debt; the defense of jobs; against any relaxation of rights as stated in the officialist CUT’s PPE (Protection Plan for Employment) which proposes the reduction of wages; the reduction of working hours without reducing wages, among other measures.
It was not just the national issues and struggles of workers in the country that gained attention of the Congress delegates. The international situation, with the worsening of the capitalist crisis and the offensive on workers’ rights around the world, as the austerity plans in Europe, were also discussed.
Among the main resolutions, it was approved the strengthening of the International Union Network of Solidarity and Struggles as a means of supporting alternative and independent trade unionism in the reorganization process that occurs in many parts of the world. In addition, it was suggested a week of intercontinental action to be carried out in the second half of this year on the international situation and the workers’ struggle.
The Congress also approved a resolution demanding the immediate withdrawal of UN troops from Haiti. The resolution was presented by the Social Union of Haitian immigrants (USIH), an organization founded in Brazil with the support of CSP-Conlutas in February, and defended on the floor of Congress by its Secretary General, Fedor Bacourt. “No more occupation, we want a free and sovereign Haiti,” Fedor said, being quite applauded before the proposal was approved unanimously.
On Friday morning, resolutions concerning oppression were adopted. Not just specific measures linked to each oppressed sector (women, Black people, LGBT) were discussed, but also the effect of more general policies imposed by the government that affect them all. “Outsourcing and withdrawal of rights have a woman’s face, of poor and black women, and therefore the Movement of Women in Struggle (MML) fights with all power such attacks, the Provisional Acts (MP) and the fiscal adjustment,” said Silvia Ferraro from the MML.
In addition to the overthrow of the Bill for outsourcing and MP’s, the Congress voted for the fight to achieve a budget equal to 1% of GDP to face the violence against women, public day care, decriminalization and legalization of abortion.
The government’s attacks against the working class affect not only women, but the LGBT people as well, subjected to the most precarious work and therefore more exposed to measures like changing the unemployment insurance. The Congress also approved the requirement of criminalization of homophobia and the rejection of conservative measures by the Brazilian National Congress as family status, the reduction of legal age and harder laws against abortion. The slogan “Out with Eduardo Cunha” [the rightist speaker of the House of Representatives] was acclaimed by the plenary.
Two resolutions on racism were presented to the Congress: by the Quilombo Race and Class [the CSP-Conlutas caucus of Black people] and by the Judiciary Workers Union. The Quilombo prepared a comprehensive analysis on racism and its relationship with capitalism, defending a working class program against oppression of the black people, highlighting the fight against the criminalization of the black youth.

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