[Chile] On the Assassination of Two Young Communists

Written by Izquierda Comunista
Sunday, 17 May 2015 20:29
1. The student demonstrations are again playing the leading role of a bottom-up process for free public education. Today, May 14, as part of the government crisis – for its corruption – only in Santiago we were 200,000 people in the streets.
2. In this context the student struggle has led to thousands of high school and university students to demonstrate in the streets, to occupy and express their discontent against private education profiteering.
3. The mobilizations have always had a clear peaceful nature and violence is clearly due to police repression; that’s why the Bachelet government is the main responsible leader for the existence of reactionary sectors that act violently against the legitimate student demonstrations.
4. Today the entire Chilean youth who struggle for their legitimate rights is bereaved of the two young Communist militants, Diego and Exequiel, in Victoria Square, who were shot at close-range by a “fast trigger gunman.”
5. We don’t trust the justice of our country, because it is part of the widespread corruption of the institutions; and that is why we call each and every student to be on alert to demand jail for the murderer Giuseppe Briganti.
6. We send our sincere condolences to the families of these two young people killed, as well as to all honest militants of the Communist Youth; but we call the Communist Party to confront the repressive policies of the government of Bachelet and no longer ignore these serious facts.
7. In addition, we call on all Chilean youth to continue to stand in the fight for our rights.
To victory
Communist Left

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