PSTU's Statement on the current crisis


Written by PSTU – Brasil
Friday, 13 March 2015 20:14

Fight back to build a working class alternative in defense of our rights.
Dilma’s government (PT), the right-wing opposition, the National Congress and state governors are willing, again, that the workers and the majority of the people pay for the economic crisis.
The government’s fiscal package that impedes access to PIS [1], to unemployment insurance, death pension and the fishermen insurance is part of the government’s “bag of evil” against the workers [2]. The presidential Provisory Bill of “fiscal adjustment” passed in Congress and inspired governors and mayors to apply similar measures. They take money from the poor to give to the rich: withdraw rights; cut wages; promote layoffs; increase fares, privatization and denationalization of assets and public services and cut social areas’ budget, such as health, education and retirement.
They want to ensure the profits of bankers, big business, multinationals, debt payments to banks and the remittance of profits out of the country taking money from our pockets.
Remember that in the elections, Dilma Rousseff (PT) said that she would not attack labor rights “even if pigs fly.” She said she would not implement the economic policy of Aécio Neves (PSDB presidential candidate), whose rightwing party is a well-known workers’ enemy. Lies and more lies!
Rousseff promised to do different from PSDB to win the elections, but she lied and betrayed the trust of many workers by hiding her real program of governance: Austerity against the workers so that the rich continue profiting.
The president put a banker in the Finance Ministry and is performing the same economic policy as Aécio Neves (PSDB) would apply in a crisis situation: “fiscal adjustment”, i.e. more exploitation on the working class to ensure high profitability of banks and large companies. Dilma (PT) does the same thing because her party rules in alliance with bankers, contractors, agribusiness and bankers. It rules for them and with them, so, at difficult time it obeys the bosses against the workers.
The PSDB also spread a big lie. The water crisis in São Paulo is very serious and already affects the daily lives of millions of people. We are on the verge of a social catastrophe and the blame in the first place is on Alckmin’s PSDB. Water will lack also in Minas Gerais, which was ruled by Aécio (PSDB) and in Rio de Janeiro, governed by PMDB, which is part of PT’s national coalition. Other state governors are not far behind. Teachers and public service workers in Paraná are setting a great example in their ever largest strike against governor Beto Richa (PSDB) who attacks the education and all public services to pay bankers.
If not only that all is enough, there is widespread increase in prices in transportation, light, water fares and food. And there are massive layoffs in the industry, which threatens to spread to other sectors, especially to the construction industry, which, in many cases, dismiss thousands of workers without severance pay, as in the COMPERJ complex.
No to robbery in Petrobras! The oil reserves belong to the people!
Corruption in Petrobras, involving the PT, PSDB, PP, PMDB and the country’s major contractors is something very serious. An independent investigation would be necessary, made by workers’ organizations, to really punish everyone (PT, PSDB and all the corrupt and corrupting). And along with that, defending the company, the national sovereignty, the interests of Brazil and of the working class.
In the midst of this crisis and facing the Petrobras manager Paulo Barusco’s testimony to Operation Lava Jato authorities, which shows the corruption scheme began during Fernando Henrique FHC Cardoso’s administration (PSDB), independent news show that Rede Globo [3] guided their journalists not quoting the name of former President Fernando Henrique (PSDB) in their news (Rede Globo is another usual liar).
But the current corruption scheme began with the end of state oil monopoly and FHC’s privatization measures, which allowed the contractors not to participate in bids to win work. This obviously does not justify that PT in office has continued and even deepened the privatization and corruption, as allowing rigging bids. A betrayal and demoralization, because when PT was founded it rejected alliances with bosses and corruption, but today it governs with them, for them and using their methods. While corruption turned into a cash cow for contractors, they lay off workers, failing to pay wages and severance. They threaten to dismiss 100,000 workers and are stopping the works.
Some people are taking advantage of the confusion. International pension funds and speculators try to privatize and de-nationalize all Petrobras assets, which is the largest and most advanced company in the country.
The oil reserves belong to the Brazilian people and only the working class can point everyone involved in this robbery and defend the arrest and confiscation of the wealth of all the corrupt and corrupting, the nationalization of corrupt contractor companies without compensation and a 100 percent state-owned Petrobras controlled by the workers.
Most Congressmen’s campaigns were funded by contractors
The deputies and senators who are cutting the education and health budgets and attacking labor rights are the same who will allocate more money to the banks and big business, and who voted for a 26% increase of their own salaries. Most of them, 326 deputies out of 513, had their campaigns funded by contractors and at least 43 of them and 12 senators are charged with corruption by the Federal Prosecution Office, starting with the Chamber of Deputies’ president, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB).
These same members, who have no morals, are those who intend to vote the government’s austerity measures against workers and a “political reform”, which restricts democratic rights and legalizes the indecent companies and banks financing for their millionaire campaigns.
The current president of the Chamber, Eduardo Cunha, also elected with contractors and bankers financing (his millionaire campaign cost more than US$ 3 million), has a broad curriculum associated with corruption. He entered politics at the hands of former president Collor de Melo [4] and, above all, he is sexist, homophobic, conservative and authoritarian.
In defense of our rights and our demands

  • Join the fight, take to the streets and build the general strike
  •           For the repeal of the MP’s 664 and 665, in defense of unemployment insurance, PIS, fishermen insurance and death pension!
  •           For the reduction of working hours without reduction of wages;
  •           For an Act preventing layoffs and ensuring job security;
  •          For a general increase in wages! Reduction and freezing of food prices and fares;
  •          For an independent investigation in Petrobras, to ensure the arrest and confiscation of the wealth of allcorrupt and corrupting; for the election of Petrobras’ administration board by the employees; for a 100 percent state-owned Petrobras controlled by the workers; for the nationalization without compensation of contractors involved in corruption and no firing of workers.
  •          For the suspension of public debt payments to bankers so that this money can be used for investment in emergency green works under the control of workers and the population to address the issue of water supply and power generation;
  •          For a ban on remittance of profits abroad;
  •          For the reduction of deputies and senators salaries. It should be the same as a skilled worker’s wage.

It is necessary that all the trade unions and social movements call a unified struggle to defend our rights, our demands and against the economic policy of Dilma’s government and the rightists, the Congress, governors and mayors. That the rich pay for the crisis! Take money from the bankers and big business, not from workers, health or education!
We make a call to CUT, MST and honest PT militants to split with the government and build a unified struggle to put down this economic policy, the “fiscal adjustment” and send all corrupt to jail.
Building the struggles an alternative power of the working class to rule the country
Impeachment is not a solution; mobilization is the only way out
The latest polls show that the majority of workers and the people are outraged by Dilma’s government (PT), by Alckmin (PSDB) and the “politicians”.
The PSTU defended the null vote in the second round of past presidential election and said during the election campaign that the alliance between the PT and the bankers and big business would lead to the defense of their interests. That is why Dilma (PT) performs the same program as PSDB before the capitalist economic crisis. The bourgeois candidacies such as Aécio’s (PSDB) for the presidency or in the states, as well as PMDB or PP govern for the benefit of the same bankers, contractors, multinationals and agribusiness.
The PSDB is well known from past experiences: privatization, the corruption scandal of reelection and many others, the attacks to retirees, struggles criminalization as Alckmin in São Paulo. But there is another part of the right-wing which is allied to the PT, as Sarney, Maluf, Collor, Michel Temer, Jader Barbalho, Renan and others. Despite fighting for power, all of them defend the same political and economic option and in the end are very close together to attack the working class.
That’s why we say that the workers need to break with the PT and build a workers’ alternative to face the capitalists (bankers, big business, multinational and agribusiness). This government is not “in dispute” as claimed by several left organizations that work now to “shield” the government. Workers need to defeat this government and the right-wing opposition to defend their rights and ensure pro-workers changes, because both represent the interests of employers.
It is also why the impeachment [5] is not the solution at this time. We know that, like us, many workers are rightly outraged, especially because of Dilma’s lies in the election campaign.
But the defense of impeachment as some stand today doesn’t solve the problem. That’s because this Congress, most corrupted and made up of representatives of the same bankers, big business, multinational and large farmers, doesn’t represent us. This Congress has no morals to define whether the elected government remains or not. What’s the point of trusting the country to Vice President Michel Temer (PMDB)? Or worse, to Deputy Eduardo Cunha (PMDB), in Temer absence?
The working class can overthrow Dilma to put in office their own government to defend their rights. The path to it is the struggle, social mobilization, unified strike but not the impeachment. We don’t want neither the “playboy” Aécio (PSDB), who defends this very same PT’s “fiscal adjustment” nor the few sectors that advocate the return of the military dictatorship.
Only the working class, through its mobilization, can build a workers’ alternative, a power from below, and then yes, put in or out the government they want to, but always controlled by working class as a whole, not another representative of bankers and multinationals.
Brazil needs a government of workers without bosses!
[1] – PIS: Social Integration Program, which delivers a minimum wage yearly to workers who earn less than 2 minimum wages a month.
[2] – Read: Dilma attacks labor rights and workers set a nationwide protest for january
[3] – Rede Globo: the major TV broadcasting company in Brazil.
[4] – Collor de Melo is a paradigm for corruption in Brazil, he faced impeachment in 1992.
[5] – There is a minority movement to demand Dilma’s impeachment, made of enraged middle-class people and rightist organizations. The PSDB has said that it doesn’t approve the impeachment, but supports this “democratic” movement.

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