Reject Obama's Request for Ground Forces in Iraq!


Tuesday, 17 February 2015 14:39
Half a year after the beginning of “limited air raids” against the positions of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, which were extended last September to the Syrian territory with the support of al-Assad’s dictatorship, President Obama asked the American congress a formal authorization for the use of ground troops against the IS for a three years period without geographic limitations.
Congress has not voted to give a president formal authority for a military operation since 2002 when it backed George W. Bush in his campaign to invade Iraq. Obama’s request tries to exploit the impact exerted on the public opinion by the atrocious killings of American and other nationalities hostages made by the IS in the areas it controls. In this case, he seeks to “formalize” in Congress measures already being implemented by him. The authorization by the congressmen would allow a more flexible use of ground forces and pave their actions with “legitimacy.”
Obama, however, ruled out “long-term, large-scale ground combat operations like those” conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan.” And emphasizes: “The local forces, not the U.S. military forces should be deployed to perform these operations.”
On the specific use of U.S. troops, the president envisioned, in a letter to Congress accompanying the proposal, the possibility of limited ground action “such as rescue operations” or the use of “Special Operations forces to take military action against IS leadership.” The legislation would also allow the use of military forces for intelligence gathering, spotting ground targets for airstrikes and planning assistance to ground troops of allies like the Iraqi government. Indeed, the U.S. there are around 2,300 troops and “advisors” stationed in Iraqi since the beginning of the IS offensive in June 2014, in addition to the nearly ten thousand who are still stationed in Afghanistan.
The IWL rejects this request, which is nothing but an attempt to step up military aggression against the sovereignty of Iraq, Syria and the Middle East by U.S. imperialism. We call, therefore, all social, democratic and left organizations to mobilize and implement a comprehensive anti-imperialist campaign.
Congress hasn’t taken its decision yet, but Obama’s intention is clear. Imperialism, unable to even use its full military might as a result of the “Iraq syndrome” is trying to increase its presence in a region that is shaken by a revolutionary process for 4 years. The request allows even the deployment of ground forces in African countries where IS troops are present, because there are no “geographic limitations.” The use of military force, albeit limited, certainly is aimed at contributing to the defeat of the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa.
Moreover now that a broad military alliance of the Kurds in Syria (with their courageous women fighters at the forefront), Iraqi Kurds (Peshmerga), the Turkish PKK Kurdish militias and brigades of the Free Syrian Army have defeated IS in Kobane after 134 days of completely unequal fight.
The victory of the Kurdish nation and the anti-dictatorial Syrian brigades on IS, an enemy superior in numbers and weaponry, is a breath of optimism and moral for the peoples of the region.
The fight in Kobane showed that the peoples of the Middle East do not need the “protection” of imperialism to expel the “jihadists” and their theocratic and fascist dictatorship. The action on the ground of Kurdish and Syrian rebels was the main cause of IS’ defeat, leaving behind the “targeted attacks” by the U.S. and its Arab allies. In Kobane, Aleppo and throughout Syria heavy weapons and military technology are needed, but no bombings and imperialist troops!
Imperialism is not only hypocritical but unable to fight IS’ barbarism, for the simple reason that America is the biggest terrorist in world history and Middle East in particular, where it promotes wars and genocides for decades.
Kobane shows the way: large military unit to defeat the IS “Caliphate”, the dictatorship of al-Assad and all dictatorships and governments in the region, consistently allied to or “partners” of imperialism.
There should be no reliance on “humanitarian interventions.” The power of the revolutionary mobilization of the people has overthrown five dictators since 2011 (Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi, Saleh, Morsi); the revolutionary process, despite the inevitable ups and downs, has not been defeated. The fierce struggle in Syria is an example; Kobane confirms it. All the confidence of the revolutionary and democratic activists in general must be placed in that capacity for mobilization and resistance of the peoples of Middle East and North Africa.
Out imperialism from Middle East!
Heavy weapons to the Syrian and Kurdish militias!
Down with the IS “Caliphate” and al-Assad’s dictatorship!

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