Four good reasons to join the PdAC

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 02:10


Building the revolutionary party! Membership campaign 2015!

Here are four good reasons to join the PdAC or the Young Communist Revolutionaries (GCR), asking for a membership card:
1. Because the bourgeois parties, the center-right or center-left, Legui or Grillo followers, do not represent the interests of workers and the youth. Today the Renzi government is unleashing one of the heaviest attacks on workers’ rights that the history of post-war has known: it continues the dismantling and privatization of public services, Education, Health and Transportation; imposes the infamous Jobs Act which provides for the definitive cancellation of Article 18 of the Statute of workers, introduces the contract that they hypocritically call “increasing safeguards”, which actually serves to transform the workers in disposable labor-power; worsens the conditions of the social safety nets (to lessen the burden for companies and increase those of employees); helps the bosses to increase the exploitation, erasing the rights won by workers by the struggles of the sixties and seventies; agrees with the CGIL, CISL and UIL and employers to clear – with the agreement on workers’ shop stewards – the very possibility of a combative trade unionism.
This attack by the bourgeoisie and its government would require a strong response, the construction of a mass general strike to the bitter end to stop the government and oust him. But to do this you need a party that organizes the fights.
2. Because capitalism has nothing to offer humanity: only crises, wars, poverty and environmental destruction. Dismissals, mass layoffs, unemployment, insecurity, corruption is an integral part of this economic system. The Prime Minister Renzi policies are functional in this system, to solve the economic crisis in favor of industrialists and bankers, leaving us the burden to be carried.
Yet today a different social system, based on a planned economy and on the needs of the vast majority of humanity, would eliminate internationally hunger and unemployment, reduce the working week to a few hours, freeing the potential of every man and every woman. But this would mean, for industrialists and bankers, losing the source of their profits: that’s why they want to put on the shoulders of workers and young people the costs of their crisis, that’s why they continue to be terrorized by communism, that’s why they continually insist on the propaganda of the alleged “death of communism”, and that’s why we work to build the Communist Party which is still missing, that fighting one.
3. Because only the workers can build a different world, based on a different economy, able to guarantee everyone a decent life. Today there are only two roads: either capitalism (this irrational and insane system) in crisis will drag humanity towards destruction, or workers take in their hands the direction of the economy. For the capitalists – a few hundreds of families around the world – is convenient to take the first road; for the majority of humanity it would mean disaster. That’s why it is necessary and urgent that the workers organize themselves on the basis of a program of class independence from the bourgeoisie and its governments, to build the balance of power in the streets and in workplaces that allow the occupation of factories and the expropriation of the companies under workers’ control; the expropriation of private banks and the creation of a single state bank.
Such a program can only be imposed by a workers’ government, to give the exploited the control of society, to build a more rational system, based on the satisfaction of social needs and not on profit of a few. A socialist economy that can be imposed only by a revolution. But to do this a revolutionary party is needed.
4. Because the perspective of class independence of the working class from the bourgeoisie and its governments requires the construction of another left, revolutionary, that of a fighting Communist Party. This is the project in which the Party of Communist Alternative militants are engaged. Enabling the unity of action in the struggle with other left forces, but aware of the subordination to this system of leaders of all the left wing (from the PRC to Sel) and all the “new” parties that are trying to recycle leaders away from the pro-government left that has failed miserably. These new leaders hide behind the word “communist” and take advantage of the good faith of many militants, to actually reconstruct class collaboration parties, either in a direct or indirect way.
We argue instead that the real common front is that of all workers, natives and immigrants, along with temporary workers, the unemployed and students, to topple Renzi but not in favor of a new center-left government: for a workers’ government, which face the interests of workers.
The Party of Communist Alternative does not claim to be, today, the revolutionary party that the workers need urgently. It’s required a patient work of construction, rooting, but it must be started now, not waiting passively. A party rooted in the masses, which raises the consciousness of the politically active workers until the understanding of the need to break down this economic and social system, which is in every fight and in any mobilization to develop it into a revolutionary perspective.
But for this ambitious purpose it is not enough a communist party in Italy: an international revolutionary party is needed. That’s why the PdAC, with dozens of other parties in the different continents, builds the International League of Workers – Fourth International, the largest and most dynamic revolutionary organization in the world, at the front line of all the great struggles and revolutions, which is growing in recent years in many countries, from North Africa to Brazil, from Mexico to the Middle East, to Europe.
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