EU, Hands off Greece! For the Non-payment of the Debt!

Written by Corriente Roja – Estado Español

Tuesday, 10 February 2015 19:42
Despite of the intention of the Syriza-Anel government to keep paying the Greek public debt and negotiate the conditions thereof, the European imperialists are not unwilling to give up plundering and spoiling Greece.
These raptors feed their banks with hunger, evictions of families and despair of youth.
Those who speak of democracy do not tolerate an adverse outcome, those who proclaim the equality of nations act as if Greece were their colony. The true character of the EU is unveiled: a tool for imperialist plunder and spoliation.
Acting as Merkel’s court jester, Rajoy’s government claims back more than 26,000 million euros from Greece as payment of its debt with Spain and shows the mood of these miserable, their shameful submission to the powerful and their arrogance with the weaker. Why don’t they recover the money from the looting made by Bankia, from Bárcenas’ accounts or his banker friends, and leave alone the Greek people?
Corriente Roja, IWL’s section in the Spanish State, raises the need to put in place a resistance mobilisation across Europe in defence of the Greek people, their sovereignty and their right to demand from the new government to put in the first place food, jobs, housing and sovereignty.
The fate of the Greek people can’t remain in the hands of EU institutions and their treaties, whose sole function is to guarantee the profits of their banks and multinationals. European workers must take the lead against the policy of spoliation made by our governments in Greece, which is the same they do in our countries.
And that solidarity begins to demand from our governments the immediate cancellation of the Greek debt. Hands off Greece!
The immediate cancellation of debt payments is the only way to fight for national sovereignty

In his first major speech to parliament as Prime Minister, Tsipras said on Sunday that “We are not negotiating our national sovereignty,”… “The Greek people gave a strong and clear mandate to immediately end austerity and change policies.
However, it is approaching the time when the option of Syriza’s leader to oppose the Memorandum while defending at all costs to stay in the euro zone won’t find reciprocity of German and French imperialisms.
Not even the partial cancellation of the debt, which wouldn’t change the situation of the Greek people, is accepted by German imperialism.
The proposal submitted by Tsipras to extend the redemption period of the debt while continuing the negotiations represents a first step back of his programme. Imperialism requires the maintenance of privatizations and the measures of plunder.
We give our unconditional solidarity to the Greek people that took to the streets on last Thursday to say they are not a German colony and we assert that there is no way to break the spiral of benefit cuts, wage cuts, labor and pension reforms, to end unemployment without questioning the deepest needs of imperialist capital of the EU and the Greek bourgeoisie, EU’s partner of the spoliation of the country. And this requires the ending of the subordination to treaties that are looting the country and the nationalization of the banks.
Syriza’s government should order the suspension of debt payments, the only way to guarantee food, housing, jobs and sovereignty!
EU, hands off Greece!
For the immediate cancellation of the Greek debt with the Spanish State!

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