About the Restoration of Diplomatic Relations between Cuba and the USA

Obama, Castro
by IWL-FI [translated excerpts]
“Raul Castro’s insistence on the end of the blockade does not mean a “triumph of socialist Cuba” but, on the contrary, it’s about the search of US imperialist investments that will further deepen the semi-colonization process in the country since capitalism was restored. The measures announced are now also part of a colonial integration of Cuba in “globalization”.
The left currents that greet these measures as “a victory” are helping to disguise a policy that will have severe consequences for the Cuban people. The IWL does not add to the chorus: we believe that, unfortunately, it was not the decades of struggle of the Cuban people who ended the blockade, but the restoration of capitalism in Cuba. This agreement benefits imperialism and the new Cuban bourgeoisie formed from the Castro government.
As part of this reality, for LITCI, which has raised in Cuba the need for a new social revolution to rebuild the Cuban workers’ state and its achievements, and to change the Castro regime with one based on the widest workers’ democracy.
We call on workers and the Cuban people not to be fooled by this agreement, and resist the current course of Castro’s rising dependency, and to reject the submission of Cuba in relation to the US. The right of Cuba to maintain diplomatic relations does not mean it should undergo what the rest of the semi-colonial countries have gone through.
We call on workers everywhere to defend their Cuban brothers & sisters, who earn poverty wages and their jobs are threatened by plans of imperialism and the Cuban government.
We call on all workers and youth to fight against the Cuban dictatorship that gives complete freedom to the international bourgeoisie on the island, but does not allow free elections and no freedom of association and party.”

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  1. Do have any more articles to back up your conception that Cuba is capitalist? Is this new for your current?

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