[El Salvador] The UST reaches more than 13 thousand signatures to register independent candidates

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 21:05

The Socialist Workers Unity (UST) has put forward the nonpartisan candidacies of the teacher Ernesto Garcia and Elba Argueta for representatives by the San Salvador department.
The organization managed to exceed the twelve thousand signatures required by law to nominate a candidate, reaching more than thirteen thousand signatures. and is demanding the Superior Electoral Court to register them as Independent Socialist Candidates (CIS) for the next elections.
This victory belongs to all who shared with us the understanding that to get out from the painful economic situation in which the Salvadoran workers are met it’s necessary to build a different fighting alternative to the existing political options.
“This is the first registration of independent candidates at the service of the struggles of the working class and the popular sectors throughout the country. Our goal is to become a spokesperson for the workers struggles and the deepest needs of our working people,” the UST leaders said.
The organization also denounced the anti-democratic content of the Salvadoran electoral system, claiming that it allows only two parties to win over the political support of the people and establishes unequal conditions for independent candidates, such as denial of representation in the polling station or access to the political fundraising accountability.
The UST considers that the crossed vote “is an inadequate reform, since the anti-democratic regime conditions are maintained and it is useless because both major parties retain control of the institutions that regulate the electoral what-to-do in the country.”

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