Huge victory for the Catalan people, huge defeat for the monarchy


Written by Corriente Roja
Tuesday, 11 November 2014 23:30

The turnout on November 9 (9-N) was high and often full of emotion.
Over two million Catalans went to the ballots, challenging the constitutional ban and threats of prosecution and overcome the precarious conditions in which the vote has developed. The vice-president of Catalonia Joana Ortega estimated the participation of around 2,250,000 voters. Of these votes, over 80% have been for independence (Yes-Yes). The votes cast are the expression of the unwavering will of a sovereign people to determine their political future. The overall outcome meant a great democratic victory.
The 9-N has also meant a major defeat for Rajoy’s government and the monarchy emerged from the Transition. Rajoy promised that there would be neither ballots nor votes. He challenged the voting and the Constitutional Court suspended the non-official referendum. But they have been unable to prevent it. Now they console themselves by saying that it was “a useless and barren simulacrum”, while Rajoy launches bravados saying “while I am the president no one will break Spain’s unity”. They are the truest expression of the impotence of a  dying corrupt regime.
The President of Catalonia, Artur Mas, now tries to appropriate the people’s victory on 9-N and  capitalize on his  last days’ calculated disobedience, which was the result of a massive public pressure such as the more than 40,000 volunteers determined to secure the vote. With this, Artur Mas wants us to forget that recently, obeying the Constitutional Court  and disobeying the people of Catalonia, he suspended the consultation despite of all legal guarantees he had to convened it, betraying a solemn commitment maintained for 10 months.
It is unacceptable that  Artur Mas intends to use the results of this 9-N to, again, make Rajoy “understand” that “sometime” it will be necessary “a final consultation with all guarantees and all the consequences” while proposing to negotiate investments, funding and responsibilities in parallel. Meanwhile trying to forcibly prolong his government’s life, even changing his parliamentary partner.
The 9-N requires as a first step convening early parliamentary elections to form a new majority that proclaims the Catalan Republic. There is no other way to guarantee a referendum on self-determination and ensure the best encouragement we can offer to the Spanish state nationalities for which they also fight to liberate from monarchy and build together a free union of free peoples, that is a forefront in the fight for a Europe of the workers and peoples. It is also the best way to unite the demands of the workers and the peoples and begin a constitutional process that radically change the basis of this unjust and unequal society.
If Artur Mas doesn’t call early elections soon, the ERC and the CUP should demand the departure of Mas by a motion of censure. We agree with the words of the deputy Isabel Vallet in the final act of the CUP campaign when she said it is a “fallacy” to try a disruptive process within the Spanish constitutional framework and that the “CiU can’t continue to lead the process” because “the Transition will not be destroyed by the hands of those who agree with it.”

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