Mexico after Ayotzinapa and the Struggle for Immigrant Rights

Mexico after Ayotzinapa and the Struggle for Immigrant Rights
California State University, Los Angeles

When: Tuesday, November 25th @ 7:00pm
6:30pm Gather for light snacks at King Hall front patio (east end of Library where Dolcini Cafe used to be). The Vigil will be set-up outside of the patio all day.
Forum Space: King Hall, room TBA
We invite you to an all-day Vigil on Tuesday, November 25th at CSULA for the 43 abducted students and people we have lost from police brutality and militarization of the Border. The forum, “Mexico after Ayotzinapa and the Struggle for Immigrant Rights,” will take place 6:30pm on Tuesday November 25th at California State University, Los Angeles, King Hall.
Mexico has exploded in struggle against the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto (PRI) as the desperate search continues for the missing, feared to be murdered, 43 normalista students of Iguala, Guerrero. Politicians of the ruling party, the police, and the cartels cooperated in a brutal attack on the students in September that resulted in 6 deaths and the abduction of 43 more.
The power of the cartels is closely linked to the state institution and to the ruling parties of Mexico that are aligned with U.S. imperialism. The government demonstrated its indifference through an investigation riddled with inconsistencies and what appear as cover-ups, by the departure of President Nieto abroad in the middle of the tragedy, and by the words made famous by Mexico’s Attorney General as he ended early a press conference on the 43 missing students with ,“Ya me canse (I’m tired).”
Meanwhile, more than ten years of empty discussion in Washington on immigration reform have passed. But, starting with Bush Jr. and accelerating under Obama’s presidency, millions of immigrants have been deported. The announcement by Obama of a pending executive action on immigration poses an urgent discussion for the immigrant movement and the revolutionary Left.
This forum will also explore the connection between Mexico and United States imperialism that are responsible for the migrations from Mexico and how the struggle for immigrant rights is linked to the struggle against both imperialism and the Nieto government.
The Forum will consist of a few speakers, including a report on the situation in Mexico after the abduction of the 43 students by Mariano Elias of the Grupo Socialista Obrero in Mexico. The rest of the time will be dedicated to open discussion from the floor. We hope to use this opportunity to reach some next steps.
The event is endorsed by Workers’ Voice, a California socialist organization, Workers’ Socialist Group of Mexico, and Students for Socialism at CSULA. We are interested to collaborate with different organizations and individuals. Please contact us if interested. Admission is Open to all.

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