[Syria] The war on humanity

ROJAVA: a new born country

Written by Yilmaz Harbiye – RED
Saturday, 11 October 2014 20:47

This is my second visit to Rojava in the last month. The first visit took place from Kobanê to the Cizere canton and the Newroz camp. We had the chance to cross on a raft and understand the situation of the Yezidi people. A great human tragedy unfolds.
The more interested persons probably have followed the situation on the media. I stayed in the area for a week. My second visit happens when Kobanê has been thoroughly attacked. I am writing this story a week after my arrival here…
People have evacuated from Kobanê. The positions on Kobanê outskirts are patrolled by experienced YPG fighters. However, in the city there are youngsters without experience who have come to the area to do something, to defend and to join. Obviously, it cannot be said that these comrades are functional, because in this area, despite the number of fighters, there is a need for more weapons.
In Kobanê there are hardly any heavy weapons, whereas ISIS is attacking the city from three different sides with very powerful weapons. The YPG has dug trenches to defend the city. ‘Sacrifice actions’ (bomber men) are taking place; the women especially are showing an extraordinary resistance but, if we make a realistic assessment, the situation is extremely hard. I repeat, weapons are needed in this area and they are hardly expected from the government of Turkey which creates obstacles even to the entrance of the most basic humanitarian aid; the possibility of allowing weapons into the area is very remote.
The resistance in Kobanê is being carried on with continuous difficulties. There is a man in the city that turns hand looms into weird weapons. You may have seen on TV the primitive ‘armed vehicles’. But these are not enough. Everybody here is trying to keep the morale high but the situation does not look good at all. The Kobanê resistance is sacrificing many martyrs…
ISIS is wisely taking advantage of the regional weaknesses. They know Turkey’s two-faced attitude towards the Kurds. They call themselves ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ but are attacking Kobanê instead of Baghdad or Damascus. There is definitely collusion with Turkey. And it seems to me that Barzani [1] is happy with the fact that Turkey doesn’t send support to an area that he cannot control. If Kobanê falls Syria will be divided in three and this will be for Turkey and Barzani’s benefit.
United States air strikes are a story too. Here, we have not seen at least one air attack against ISIS. The YPG reports confirm it too.
We are hearing that new people are joining ISIS. Their officers have fought in Libya, Afghanistan and even in Chechnya. They are very experienced. They train the new fighters. The people of Kobanê trust their self-power against these people but without weapons it is not possible. Let me also mention this, around the region of Suruc there are a lot of Syrian Arabs and they hate ISIS too. This issue is not only about Kurds. The Syrian Arabs are not following ISIS like the Sunnis in Iraq. I’m talking about ten of thousands of refugees who have been deprived from their homeland.
A lot of people came here last weekend and during the religious holiday (Kurban) from Istanbul and other cities. This and the help that is sent give morals to the people. Of course, we would be happy if especially young friends that come here with their parties, groups, or whatever would not take photographs with their flags as if they were on a Safari tour, because the issue is beyond their ‘passion for adrenalin’. There is a fight for humanity in Kobanê. Let’s increase the support all over Turkey. This fight is all our fight…
[1] – Masoud Barzani: is a Kurdish politician who has been President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region since 2005, as well as leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) since 1979.
(October 4, 2014)
(Published in RED’s October issue)

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