Catalonia has the right to choose its future

Written by European Secretariat of IWL-FI
Monday, 15 September 2014 20:03
The Catalan National Day on September 11 this year, two months from November 9, the date scheduled by the Catalan Parliament to hold a referendum on self-determination opens a period of confrontation between Catalonia and the Spanish State.
On one side we have the overwhelming majority of Catalan citizens, 80% of the country, demanding to exercise the right to democratically decide their future as a people. In recent years, mass demonstrations of more than a million people have occupied the streets and Catalan squares to claim this right.
On the opposite side we have the 1978 born Spanish regime that, by the mouth of the President Rajoy, has made ​​clear it will prevent by all means that the Catalans celebrate the referendum.
Banks and large Spanish companies (including the Catalan finance capital) are united around Rajoy government. Large Spanish communication groups lead an increasing  anti-Catalan  campaign. The European Union and Angela Merkel, on behalf of the European and German finance capital, also close ranks with Rajoy, convinced that the Spanish forced unity is the best guarantee for the payment of the Spanish debt to great German and European banks.
Prohibiting the referendum is an undemocratic attack
The prohibition of the Catalan referendum, from a democratic point of view, is an aberration. President Rajoy said that the Spanish Constitution does not allow it and that there is no more democracy than the Constitution. But what kind of democracy means a Constitution that denies voice to an entire people, an entire nationality? What democracy is imposed by the forced unity of the nationalities of the state? What democracy is one in which the future of Catalonia is decided by Madrid?
The PSOE, the opposition party, has changed its general secretary but not its political position. The PSOE and PP are pillars of the regime born in 1978, each one playing its role. Both are staunchly against the referendum and the Catalan right to decide. But while Rajoy plays the “bad cop”, the PSOE plays the”good cop,” pretends to be open to dialogue and speaks of an undefined constitutional reform that would always be subject to Rajoy’s agreement.
Artur Mas is not willing to challenge the prohibition
Meanwhile, the Generalitat, the Catalan Government of Artur Mas, is not willing to face the Spanish State and when the Constitutional Court ban the referendum, he will surrender. Artur Mas and his peers are a “party of order,” an bourgeois party that is unwilling to challenge the legality because it would destabilize the state institutions and open up a dangerous gap to popular demands. Meanwhile, to avoid popular discrediting, they play an ambiguous policy.
The corrupt plot of the former Catalan president Pujol
The party of the Catalan bourgeoisie, CiU, and President of the Government himself, Artur Mas, are trapped by the Pujol scandal. He tried unsuccessfully to hide a network of corruption that has worked for three decades, involving politicians, senior officials and companies benefiting from irregular contracts. This plot is part of the corruption that has metastasized through and in the regime of 78 and their parties (PP-PSOE).
Several journalists, some closely linked to the regime, have recognized that the PP and the PSOE knew of the plot a long time ago. If it has not been revealed until now is because everyone was involved in the game and played in the same league. If the scandal has now emerged is because a judicial threat is an excellent weapon to push Artur Mas and his party, who have strayed from the orthodoxy autonomism.
Self-determination, Catalan Republic, free Union of Iberian Republics, workers and peoples’ Europe
We unconditionally support, against the Spanish regime, the legitimate demand to self-determination of the Catalans. We also support their demand to the Catalan government to ensure the referendum, despite the prohibition of the Constitutional Court.
At the same time, we fully agree with the comrades from Corriente Roja that for the Catalan working class and the vast majority the people is not worth a formally independent Catalonia but governed by corrupt and privatizing leaders and subjected to the dictates of Merkel and Brussels. We stand with the Corriente Roja for a Catalan Republic where the corrupt and corruptors are in prison; where labor and social rights are necessarily respected; where the suspension of payment of debt and an audit is decreed; where banking and strategic enterprises are nationalized and controlled by the workers and the people. We are for a Catalan Republic that is part of a free and fraternal union of Iberian Republics.
The working class and the people of Spain are the true allies of the people of Catalonia against the common enemy, which is the regime and the small minority of large bankers and businessmen who are masters of the state. Only together we can move forward and, with the help of the working class and peoples of the South and across Europe, to face the EU of capital and take steps towards a Europe of the workers and peoples, where we all will contribute to a substantive and lasting settlement of our problems.
Corriente Roja (Spain)
International Socialist League (England)
Ligue Communiste des Travailleurs (Belgium)
MAS (Portugal)
Partito di Alternativa Comunista (Italy)

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