[Syria] Call for solidarity! Stop the ISIL assassins!


Written by Abou Maen *
Sunday, 16 March 2014 15:43
Urgent Appeal, Spread Widely:
Our revolutionaries are being butchered to death, Oh Free men and women of the World! Where are you revolutionaries? 38 martyrs who were slaughtered to death!!! Only a few local pages mentioned their fate ! Do not let their blood be spilled in vain like this! They fell as martyrs fighting for the country that we are all dreaming of! What a shame! What an outrage! Where are your hearts?
To all free souls in Syria, and all over the world:
Today and in this moment the revolutionaries of Minbej, and the security brigade, in addition to other free battalions that in total do not reach 100 people are standing up to Abou Amr Al Shishani, he who is trying to push them over the Qaraqouzak bridge to their death. Abou Amr Al Shishani and ISIL [1] have invaded Minbej and have destroyed the revolutionary council, which was built block by block by the hands of the sons of Minbej, those who made of it an example of a civil state, justice, and freedom! They have not even stopped at that! They also invaded the homes of the biggest revolutionaries that the Syrian Revolution has known, they burnt, they killed, and they have insulted our Kurdish sisters and brothers, stealing the soul of our revolution benefitting only the wretched Syrian Regime, and did the one and only thing they are experts at: destruction, and the ruining of everything beautiful!
Revolutionaries of the world, and syrians from all religious sects and ethnicities, these are enemies to all of us, and our heroes have stood up to him and resisted in the face of the barbarisms of the ISIL!
Do not let them fall martyrs because they have refused to abandon the true revolutionary path, do not let darkness swallow up the blossoms of this revolutionary process! And do not let them perish because they have stood up fighting for the very demands that thousands have martyred for!
I am putting out a plea, for all those who consider themselves free souls and revolutionaries, all over the world, to stand today with the battalions that has put itself to the slogan of “Justice or martyrdom” – and remained faithful to their oath! So how is it that you will betray them? Those revolutionaries are the gem of the Syrian Revolutionary process! Spread their story and put pressure on the battalions of the western peripheries, calling them and pressuring them to instantly join the struggle in this very fragile moment before it is too late! And Oh “revolutionaries” of hotels and conferences! We do not have weapons and we have nothing! Isn’t this a battle of all? Aren’t those monsters the enemies of the Syrian people?? Why do you only speak about the atrocities of the Syrian regime and no one speaks of an entire army that is killing one after the other the youth of the Syrian Revolution???
We either stand together in struggle or we all fall!
All those who can help, even if by contacting our fellow kurdish sisters and brothers, and demand from them to support their revolutionary sisters and brothers and the battalions standing up to ISIL, sending food, ammunition!! Those who do not do so would have sold for a very cheap price the blood of our heroes!!!
* Abou Maen, Leader of the Security Brigade of Minbej City, and member of the Revolutionary Local Council of the city of Minbej.
[1] ISIL: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is an al-Qaeda splinter group active in Iraq and Syria. Although unverified, the Islamic State is thought to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of Iraqi and Syrian civilians, as well as members of the Iraqi government and its international allies. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_State_of_Iraq_and_the_Levant)

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