Anti-Imperialism and Internationalism

Anti-Imperialism – As we share the tradition of Leninist parties, we see Imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism, when the big capitalist companies and governments of Imperialist countries fight to dominate and divide the world to meet their own needs: control weaker national bourgeoisies, have access to markets, exploit natural resources and extract surplus value from the colonial and semi colonial countries’ working classes. Therefore, the fight for an international socialist revolution is a fight to defeat imperialism itself. Since the U.S is the main imperialist power in the world, one of our most important political tasks is to call on the working class to oppose every imperialist measure abroad, such as wars, military interventions, imperialist free trade agreements, economic domination through IMF and World bank, support to bourgeois governments and dictatorships, etc. We must also support and intervene actively in the international struggles against U.S imperialism, struggles for national independence, and revolutions in the countries of the so-called ‘global south.’ We oppose the Democratic Party’ liberal-chauvinistic view that the U.S is a “democratic” country that must “spread democracy” all over the world, and that it’s necessary to “reinforce security” to defend the U.S from “terrorists.” 
Internationalism – The capitalist economy has long surpassed national limits and has become an international economic system. This means that it is impossible to defeat capitalism and build socialism in a single country – or even in several countries – as the Stalinists have defended since the 1930s. It is necessary to defeat imperialism worldwide, or else the restoration of capitalism will be inevitable, as history has conclusively proven in the Ex-USSR, Eastern Europe, Asia and especially in China and Cuba. We’re Internationalists not because of an abstract sense of solidarity with struggles in other countries, but because we want to make an international socialist revolution against capitalism, which is only possible by uniting the working class internationally. That is why we support every struggle of workers and oppressed peoples in different countries, because we see them as part of the same international fight against capitalism. The international character of the economy and of the revolution also makes it necessary for workers to have an International Revolutionary Organization, such as the III and IV Internationals were in the past.  This organization does not exist at the present time, but we have to start building it now, since it’s impossible to build any national revolutionary party without an International Organization. That’s why we are building the International Workers League- Fourth International, an organization that fights to rebuild the IV International, stronger than in the past, to carry out the task of the International Socialist Revolution. We disagree with socialist organizations who say that an International as Lenin thought of it – a World Revolutionary Party – is not necessary anymore or not possible to be built right now, so it should be postponed to the future.