What is Workers’ Voice

La Voz de los Trabajadores / Workers’ Voice is a revolutionary socialist organization that emerged in California in 2008.  We are the sympathizing organization of the International Workers League – Fourth International (LIT-CI) in the United States.
Rooted in the struggles of the immigrant working class and the fight for militant, democratic trade unions and other workers’ and peoples’ organizations, we fight to build a revolutionary party. That is, a strong, proletarian, multiracial organization that defends the principle of class independence and is capable of giving theoretical and political coordination to the struggles of exploited and oppressed communities.
Our ultimate goal is to build a socialist society—one in which productive resources are collectively owned and controlled by the people, not by corporations and a rich ruling elite; where wealth and knowledge are invested in human needs (food, healthcare, housing, education, and culture) and not in creating profits for a handful of exploiters; and where government is controlled democratically and from the bottom up by workers, not by capitalists and a corrupt political class. Building a socialist society means distributing wealth equitably, dismantling all forms of oppression (including but not limited to racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobia, and ableism),  ending wars of plunder and conquest, and protecting the environment.
We do not believe these aspirations can be achieved under capitalism, a system rooted in exploitation and inextricably linked to inequality, war, and environmental destruction. Hence we reject capitalist parties like the Democrats and the Republicans, whose political projects openly protect business interests at the expense of workers and actively undermine and oppress our communities.
We fight for the immediate material needs of workers and oppressed people, which include better wages, benefits, and union rights, as well as for social and democratic reforms that benefit the working class as a whole. But we must go beyond reforms and contract fights. To bring about a truly free and just society, we must mobilize the working class, along with all oppressed and marginalized peoples, to take political power and replace the capitalist order. Therefore our intervention in partial and immediate struggles is not only geared toward winning material gains, but also toward building socialist consciousness and strengthening the power and political organization of our class in an independent and democratic manner.
We understand the United States as both an imperialist and colonial power. We defend the right to self-determination for colonized peoples both within this country & internationally, including Native Americans & the people of Puerto Rico. We are deeply proud to join the long tradition of anti-racist struggle in the United States. As W.E.B. Du Bois stated: “The emancipation of [humanity] is the emancipation of labor & the emancipation of labor is the freeing of that basic majority of workers who are yellow, brown, & black.”
The struggle for a revolutionary party in the US is inseparable from the struggle for a revolutionary international party. The International Workers League, of which La Voz is a sympathising organization, is grounded in the Morenist tradition—a Trotskyist current born in Latin America. Our origins and experience of struggle in Latin America, far from the centers of world power, frame our understanding of the fight against global imperialism and the recolonization of the Americas. We call for the reconstruction of a democratically-centralized Fourth International as the organ of international proletarian struggle for socialism.

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