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Repression and Massacres in the U.S. Against Immigrant Workers

Statement signed by CST (Mexico), Corriente Obrera (USA), & La Voz de l@s trabajadores/Workers’ Voice (USA)

Repression and Massacres in the U.S.:
Encouraged by Trump’s Policy Against Immigrant Workers

Throughout the world, the massacre of El Paso, Texas caused consternation during the first days of August . Death and terror were repeated in Odessa, Texas on September 1st .
However, the acts of terror on Wednesday, August 7 against the Latino immigrant community did not have as much media coverage. This time it happened at 7 animal feed processing plants in Bay Springs, Carthage, Canton, Pelahatchie, Sevastopol and Morton in Mississippi.
Six hundred  ICE agents participated in mass raids , with helicopters and several buses to transport the detainees, the state attorney general Mike Hurst was also present, supervising the development of the operation in Morton. It is said that they captured 680 immigrants, mostly Latinos, becoming the largest operation implemented by ICE so far in a single state.
These repressive acts that happened at the company Koch Foods Inc., in Morton, Mississippi, yield data of particular importance.

Who owns this company ?

The billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, with an estimated fortune of 60 billion dollars each, according to Forbes magazine, are in eighth place in the country’s richest. Very influential family in Washington politics because Koch Industries is the second largest private company in the country and they have very diverse interests ranging from oil to paper towels.
These men have the “merit” of being the ones who helped Trump become president, contributing huge amounts of money. They finance organizations that deny the existence of climate change , they also financially support those who attack workers’ unions.About these characters,  American University professor , Charles Lewis has pointed out that: “the Koch brothers are the most active and powerful political enterprise, which invest millions so that the politicians in Washington support the conservative proposals and measures for the deregulation of the economy , as well as hate policies against immigrants. ”
That is, the captured immigrant workers were working for these men ; corporate millionaires who hate immigrants and the working class, and who have amassed their immense fortune through  exploitation of the same workers, who ended up “being paid ”  with raids, incarceration and deportation.
These acts of persecution and discrimination show the background: the confrontation between the working class and the bosses, between the poor and the rich, between the exploited and the exploiters. And that background should help us understand that the crisis that affects immigrant workers is not a problem that occurs only because of the lack of a broad and humanitarian immigration system, but that the center of all this is in the nature of the capitalist system , and the growing voracity of corporations to get more profits faster. And that insatiable greed not only points against immigrant workers, but against all workers, including white and black U.S. citizens .
At the moment , in order to deceive, divide and facilitate exploitation, most coverage is portrayed as being only against Latino immigrants , who are being  increasingly criminalized. The objective is that other sectors of the population do not come out in their defense.For this hate campaign, an ideological farce is spread over the masses, which has gradually gained space: being an undocumented immigrant and wanting to work is considered a crime not only by the government, but also by the common citizen !
This ideological approach, contrary to what many might think, was first proposed by Jimmy Carter (Democrat) and later approved by Ronald Reagan, which leads us to see more and more clearly: that all Democratic and Republican governments have discriminated and criminalized immigrant workers , but not the millionaire profits produced by them . No one discriminates against the fortunes that companies obtain by exploiting immigrant workers. No one explains who are those who benefit from the “crime” of undocumented workers.
Add to this the growing massacres committed by racist , white supremacists, Nazis and religious fanatics, who are protected by official rhetoric and have strong ties to economic and political power. They have the support of a sector of the millionaires and also of high command military officials, police forces, the Pentagon and Congress.To combat this cynical tangle of discrimination, oppression and exploitation  ; we continue to call for the active defense of immigrants and to UNITE workers of all races, backgrounds and religions to reject the brutally repressive policies of the Trump government.
Stop the raids against immigrants across the country!
An attack on one is an attack on everyone!
Full rights for all immigrants, DACA, TPS, and include family reunification!
No human being is illegal!

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